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Affiliate Sites

www.DurangoVacationLodging.com has a two fold approach to property management.
  1. Develop turn-key property management software to give property managers everything they need to manage their property effectively.
  2. Create & Promote www.DurangoVacationLodging.com properties to generate traffic and reservation $'s for their members.

Some property owners are tempted to go with a formal property management company because they don't know how to market their own property. www.DurangoVacationLodging.com does this for you. We currently have 2 sites dedicated to driving rental traffic to www.DurangoVacationLodging.com members.

  • www.DurangoVacationLodging.com is a dedicated site generating short term rental lodging reservations in the Durango and Summit County areas year round.
  • We spend thousands of dollars a year marketing this site to have it included in popular search engines and as partners with online marketing sites.
  • Guests seeking lodging accommodations have the following features available to make their reservation process easier using www.DurangoVacationLodging.com:
    • Search by availability dates.
    • Online secure reservations.
    • Credit card acceptance.
    • Rate Management - Utilizes the rates you've set up for your property via www.DurangoVacationLodging.com.
    • Inventory Management - Automatically updates inventory per www.DurangoVacationLodging.com for any reservations made.
    • Rental confirmations - Sent to the renter and up to two additional email addresses of your choice. Also sent out to up to two fax numbers, allowing you to automatically notify your cleaning company or others who may need to be aware of the rental.
    • Rental Management Reports - Detailed reports showing you all renter information, amounts collected per day, credit card fees, booking fees, and taxes. Click here for sample.

Vacation Travel by Owner - www.VTBO.com

  • All members of www.DurangoVacationLodging.com are automatically included within the rental inventory of Vacation Travel by Owner.
  • VTBO.com is directly marketed to various traveling segments, including:
    • Mountain / Ski
    • Beach
    • Golf
    • Spa
    • International Travel
    • Urban (Domestic cities within US)
  • VTBO.com can also be searched directly by location.
  • Reservations per VTBO.com have the same features as www.DurangoVacationLodging.com Search by availability dates.
    • Online secure reservations
    • Credit card acceptance
    • Rate Management - Utilizes your rates from www.DurangoVacationLodging.com o Inventory Management - Automatically updates inventory per www.DurangoVacationLodging.com
    • Rental confirmations
    • Rental Management Reports (via www.DurangoVacationLodging.com)

With Durango Vacation Lodging's rental property management software and targeted marketing efforts, you can turn your vacation rental into a positive cash flow investment.


Colorado vacation rentals, homes & condos
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